At the heart of Diaverum’s Code of Conduct are our values. Our people are our business; the way we care for our patients, how we engage with national health services and suppliers and the role we play in society – all of that stems from our culture and the values we believe in.

What is the purpose of the Code of Conduct?

The Diaverum Code of Conduct applies to all Diaverum employees, its subsidiaries, and other individuals that perform work for Diaverum. Its purpose is to clearly state legal, ethical and societal norms for our employees so they understand and apply them to their business conduct.

The Supplier Code of Conduct (SCoC) reflects Diaverum’s view of responsible
procurement and business behaviour, whether it is about products or services.


Our Code of Conduct has four pillars:

1. Sustainability
The Code of Conduct is directly connected to our commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices. This commitment permeates our day-to-day operations and is grouped into five key areas of activity: Our Patients, Employees & Wellbeing, Access to Care, Operating Responsibly, and the Environment.

2. Ethics & Compliance
We conduct business morally, ethically and in a socially responsible way, that is compliant with all applicable law and regulations.
We adhere to Diaverum standards for protecting the health and safety of our patients, co-workers and communities and by not participating in or tolerating fraud, deceit or concealment. Accountability, transparency, ethical behavior and respect are the traits which will present Diaverum as a trusted partner.

3. Workplace Conduct

Diaverum does not tolerate any form of workplace violence or forced, compulsory or child labour. We show respect in all contacts with patients and employees, recognising diversity and difference and valuing the individual. Diaverum strives to promote diversity and does not engage in or support discrimination in any form.

4. Reporting Violations: Speak Up!
Communication is essential, and it is important that employees feel comfortable raising questions and concerns. We call this the right and ability to “SpeakUP!”. The ability to SpeakUP! provides the means for submitting or reporting suspicions of misconduct, that is, actions not in line with the applicable law or Diaverum’s values and policies, that may harm individuals or our company.


The Diaverum AB Supplier Code of Conduct

Diaverum stands for excellent medical quality, renal care services and patient-centred research. This includes a sustainable way of working and doing business, building long-term relationships with our suppliers and seeking to work with those with the same commitments.

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