Diaverum's Global Director of Patient Experience & Stakeholder Management, Michaela Blomstrand, has been elected to the Board of Swecare.

Founded in 1978 by the Swedish government, Swecare is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to bring together the very best of the country’s healthcare academia, public and private sectors.

In creating this cohort, Swecare, aims to promote insights & experience gained through Sweden’s healthcare system, widely regarded as one of the most advanced globally, due to its universal coverage, efficiency and high quality of care. Crucially, Sweden’s healthcare system emphasises preventive care (including patient education), and has a thriving healthtech ecosystem, with relevant investments totalling 7.7bn USD in 2023.

Michaela joins the Board, that together with Swecare’s Management team, are responsible for shaping the strategy and direction of the organisation’s work in promoting the country’s Life Science industry. She will be working closely with representatives from other organisations, as well as senior government officials.

Michaela was invited to join the Board only 18 months following Diaverum’s initial collaboration with Swecare. Her proven skills, achievements and stellar professional reputation made her a natural fit for the role, which she was admitted to following an interview process with Swecare’s election committee and vote-in during the Annual Board Meeting.

About Michaela
Michaela has served as Global Director of Patient Experience and Stakeholder Management since 2020. She has been with Diaverum for more than 10 years, having started out as a dialysis nurse in our Malmö Clinic. Her superlative clinical skills and deep understanding of the needs & requirements of the patients Diaverum cares for, have led to a rapid rise through the ranks, following her transition to a corporate role in 2016. In her current position, Michaela heads up d.HOLIDAY, Diaverum’s groundbreaking holiday dialysis programme. She is a certified dialysis nurse and holds a degree in Nursing from the University of Malmö.

Sharing her views about her new responsibilities, Michaela said: “I feel deeply honoured to be elected to this position, and hugely excited to learn about, & contribute, to the international competitiveness of Swedish healthcare, not least through my experience from working in a Swedish-born multinational healthcare organisation”.

Bruno Polizio, Diaverum’s Stakeholder Communications VP, had these words to share about Michaela’s achievement: “As a proud, Swedish-born organisation, I could not be more delighted that Michaela, an incomparable talent that Diaverum is lucky to have, is now joining the Swecare Board. As an organisation committed to delivering life-enhancing renal care to patients worldwide, Diaverum shares the same vision as Swecare – delivering and broadening access to the highest quality of care".

“Having worked with Michaela for a number of years, I’ve witnessed her competence and passion for the work she does – I have no doubt she will inspire many during her tenure. I cannot wait to see what she achieves in her new role”.



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