A new training programme has launched for all Country Medical and Nursing Directors at Diaverum.

Entitled ‘Diaverum Care Delivery Model: comprehensive training for Clinical leaders’, the programme’s objective is to ensure that all doctors and nurses in leadership roles, at both country and clinic level, have a complete and equal understanding of Diaverum’s clinical governance, clinical strategy and their role and responsibilities in the process, regardless of where they based in our network.

The course, which will take approximately 40 hours to complete, will be a mandatory part of the onboarding process for new Country Medical and Nursing Directors. They will be expected to complete it within one month after joining. Current employees will also be expected to complete the e-Learning component, by the end of the year.

How does the course work?

There are two components to the course. The first is an online training course, available via d.PEOPLE, Diaverum's virtual education platform for patients, nurses, physicians and business leaders, that will give participants a one-stop platform for information and resources about our clinical governance & related digital systems. At the end of the course, participants will be required to pass a quiz, after which they’ll receive a certificate of completion. 

To ensure that Country Medical & Nursing Directors, Clinic Medical Directors and Head Nurses remain up-to-date with Diaverum clinical governance, both new and current employees are expected to re-take this course every two years.  New joiners will also be provided additional one-to-one support from the Corporate Medical Team as part of this training.

Dr Fernando Macário, Diaverum’s Chief Medical Officer, commented: “I am proud and very pleased to be announcing the launch of this programme. It is the result of more than six months of intensive work to complete the materials and platform, four years since we started developing the Diaverum Care Delivery Model”.

“Diaverum’s proprietary care delivery model is essential to ensuring patient medical outcomes and safety. This new training will be instrumental in ensuring that our clinical leadership teams have standardised knowledge of this, and that in turn, our patients can be sure that they are receiving the very best of our life-enhancing renal care, wherever they are based in the world”.


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