Diaverum Medical leaders recently showcased our organisation’s renal care expertise at the 53rd Spanish Nephrology Society Congress (Sociedad Española de Nefrología - SEN).

Renal care professionals from across Spain assembled in Palma de Mallorca between 11-13 November for the annual gathering, which is considered as being one of the country’s most important nephrological meetings. As the country’s leading independent renal care provider – Diaverum currently operates 47 clinics across Spain – our organisation has long played a key role in this annual meeting.

Dr Fernando Macário, Chief Medical Officer, and Dr Shaira Martínez, Country Medical Director for Diaverum Spain, acted as moderators for a discussion panel entitled “POCUS (Point of Care UltraSound), transforming nephrology in dialysis”, that took place on the second day of the conference. Panel members included prominent nephrologists Dr Jose Ibeas, of Parc Taulí Hospiral Universitari, and Dr Gregorio Romero, of Hospital Universitario Germans Trias I Pujol, who in their capacity as leading academic experts, offered invaluable insights into how incorporating POCUS into nephrology training has the potential to enhance to patient care and increase trainee interest in the field.

Commenting on the event, Fernando said: “I was delighted to join Shaira, our esteemed Country Medical Director, at this symposium to lead discussions on such an enlightening topic. The insights and discussions were incredibly valuable, as they aligned with Diaverum’s  commitment to providing life-enhancing renal care underpinned by superior medical standards”.

For her part, Shaira added: “It was an honour to participate as a moderator for this panel with such distinguished members of Spain’s academic field, who are doing hugely important work in the sphere of nephrology”.

“POCUS opens a new path towards the control of volemia in our patients, an ongoing challenge; through this, we can reduce the associated morbimortality, with the ultrasound assessment of congestion already a reality”.

José María Ordóñez Martí-Aguilar, Managing Director of Diaverum Spain, rounded off the comments: “Diaverum is committed to being an active member of Spain’s renal care community. Participating in such key events plays a huge role in enabling us to connect with our peers and other members of the community”.

“I am immensely proud of the we had at the Congress, and would like to thank both Fernando & Shaira for their invaluable contributions”.



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