Diaverum Portugal is delighted to announce the launch of an exciting pilot scheme in partnership with Unilabs, one of Europe’s largest diagnostics providers. This initiative will see Unilabs operating on-site facilities of their own from within our clinics in the country, broadening the scope and range of our services we offer with clinical pathology and specimen collection services.

The new partnership will have as its primary aim for Diaverum Portugal to become more visible among local communities and expand the reach of our True care culture, by also offering these services to non-renal patients. In addition, Diaverum patients will be able to use the facilities for any further analyses that may need, outside of those standard ones performed within a clinic environment. All of this is expected to deliver in commercial gains for our operations in the country.

At this stage, the initiative will take place across five clinics: Estoril, Linda-a-Velha, Entrecampos, Lumiar and Nova Amadora. Located near the capital city of Lisbon, they will each operate an on-site Unilabs facility that will offer clinical pathology and specimen collection services. The subsequent analyses will be carried out by Unilabs, who have a presence across 214 locations in Portugal. The scheme is expected to run for an initial six months, at which point it will be decided whether to make this a permanent fixture in the clinics and expand to additional locations.

The services are launching across successive dates throughout March, with the first four locations launching on successive Mondays -  Estoril on 6 March, Linda-a-Velha on 13 March, Entrecampos on 20 March and Lumiar on 27 March; Nova Amadora will follow shortly. They will operate from 08:00 AM to 12:00 PM, Monday to Friday.

Dr Fernando Macário, Chief Medical Officer for Diaverum, had this to say about the news: "I am pleased that our partnership with Unilabs is live and ready to serve our patients and the wider communities in which our clinics are located".

"Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a complex condition, with multiple needs and requirements involved in the care of its patients. Enhanced access to laboratory testing is an extension of our already robust multidisciplinary and integrated approach to care – something that is essential to our promise of empowering our patients through life-enhancing renal care".

Sofia Correia de Barros, Country Manager for Diaverum Portugal, also shared her insights on the collaboration: "This partnership between Diaverum, a leading global provider of renal care and Unilabs, renowned for the quality and diversity of its products, represents the dynamic joining of two organisations that are market leaders in their respective fields".

"I am convinced that by expanding the availability of our True care to the wider community, we will be making a valuable contribution and further increase awareness of the Diaverum brand".



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