Today, Diaverum is honoured to join the world in celebrating International Nurses Day, and through it, the individuals that embody the True care culture that defines our organisation.

In each of our clinics across 24 countries worldwide, our nurses are at the forefront of the life-enhancing renal care we provide. They are the ones who help prevent, protect and enhance the health of people affected by kidney disease and injury, promoting healing & improving the well-being of more than 40,000 patients worldwide.  And in forming the majority of our global workforce, it is no overstatement to say that our nurses are the heart and soul of Diaverum.

Nursing is a profession that is deeply rooted in both the art and science of healthcare & relies on more than 29 million individuals worldwide to provide this. More than that, nurses are alongside other healthcare workers, major contributors to global economic growth and the fulfilment of the UN SDGs; and yet, WHO estimates that by 2030, there will be a shortage of 4.5m nurses worldwide. This means that ensuring continual investment in their well-being and education is key to ensuring that this vital profession thrives for generations to come. This is especially true in renal care; a staggering 850 million people worldwide, or over 10% of the global population, are estimated to be affected by CKD, many of whom go undiagnosed until they reach an advanced stage of the disease. What’s more, CKD is projected to be the fifth leading cause of years of life lost by 2040. Ensuring that our organisation and its nurses are equipped to meet this challenge on the frontline, is imperative.

At Diaverum, our collective efforts – from investing in nurses’ education and progression within the organisation; celebrating their exceptional efforts and achievements at our annual Awards programme; to promoting caring for our own health and well-being  – are focused on nurturing and empowering the individuals whose contributions we are so deeply indebted to. And we will always look for new and better ways of doing so.

To our nurses – your efforts and contributions are what Diaverum has been built on, and what our future depends on. We thank you, wholeheartedly, today and every day, for everything you do.