At Diaverum, women make up over 73% of our workforce; 19% are between 45-55 and so are most likely experiencing perimenopause and menopause symptoms. Which is why, as part of our commitment to cultivating a True care culture that encircles both our patients and employees, earlier this year we became one of the 48 founding partners of GenM, an organisation dedicated to advancing health literacy and rights advocacy for people experiencing perimenopause and menopause. 

It's a wellbeing issue, it’s a productivity issue: it’s a workplace issue. 

GenM has already grown to 70 partners and continues to expand, as the menopause becomes an increasingly visible topic with increasing resources to raise awareness and deliver support. 

Raising awareness within our organisation 

With a three-year commitment with GenM we have the opportunity to tap into resources and expertise to support colleagues who are experiencing symptoms and working with those who are. At the same time, we operate in 23 countries and so have the chance to play our part in raising awareness on a more global scale, recognising there are many countries where this topic continues to be something of a taboo. 

So, where to start? The UK is taking the first initiative – it’s also where GenM is based. Headed up by Lisa Jordan, Managing Director for Diaverum UK and Rob Chandler, HR Director for Diaverum UK, there are a number of exciting plans in store, including the introduction of a market-leading healthcare app later this year, offering all of Diaverum UK's team members access to clinical experts, with no waiting times - all from a mobile phone.

Starting an important conversation 

At the core of this mission, lies a simple objective; to normalise the conversation around perimenopause and menopause, and to pave the way for a working environment in which the women that make up our organisation are comfortable talking about it, know where to go for resources and feel supported. As Lisa notes: “When people are brave enough to talk about it, they often say ‘I don’t know who or how to talk about this’ – we want to help them overcome that”. 

It is for this exact reason that in honour of World Menopause Day, which is observed every year on 18 October, we hosted a virtual roundtable that saw Lisa and Rob engage in a thought-provoking discussion with Kirsty Bashforth, Chief Business Officer at Diaverum and Heather Jackson, one of the two co-founders of GenM, about menopause, how our organisation can raise awareness of the topic and support options for improving health and well-being. As Kirsty noted during the discussion: “the menopause isn’t only about women, but it starts with women properly exploring the topic as they are going through it and removing their own taboos”. 

Rob also had this to say about Diaverum’s objectives: “It’s very important that we prepare our own staff to go through this particular journey and (as employers) we have a role in helping them prepare for the journey”. 

To find out more about the points raised, Diaverum’s plans for raising awareness, or simply to begin informing yourself about this crucial topic, check out the video below – and start your own conversation about menopause, today.


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