The newly launched clinic replaces the previous facilities in the area, whose lease ended recently. It is comprised of 24 fully equipped dialysis stations where 14 staff currently care for 31 patients, with further planned capacity to accommodate the patients and staff of the Šilainiai clinic to be relocated to this location within the year.

Kaunas is the second-largest city in Lithuania and an important centre for economic, cultural and academic life. The comfortable and spacious new clinic is adjacent to the Church of the Resurrection of Christ, a landmark famous for being the largest basilica church in the Baltic States; it is expected that this location will help to provide an inspiring and calming environment for patients to receive treatment.

In addition to Diaverum's proprietary digital infrastructure being implemented to support the delivery of high-quality renal care – including the Treatment Guidance System (TGS) – physiotherapy and rehabilitation services will be offered, as well as outpatient consultations from our resident nephrologist, vascular surgeon, cardiologist and dietician.

Commenting on the new clinic and what this means for Diaverum Lithuania, Darius Praninskas, Country Manager, said: "I am delighted and proud of this project, because we will be providing a comfortable home for the patients and staff of Kaunas Clinic, enabling life-enhancing renal care for more dialysis patients in Lithuania.”

He added: “With this clinic we are moving even closer to our vision of becoming the first choice for hemodialysis providers in Lithuania."




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