Our 2020 sustainability approach translated into the company’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic to safeguard the health and safety of its patients and people.

In striving to become the first choice in renal care, Diaverum believes that growth must run hand in hand with addressing the societal needs of patients, employees, suppliers and local communities, with respect for the environment underpinning all that it does. Diaverum’s  Sustainability Report 2020, published today, details how the company meets its obligations to society, the communities in which it operates and the environment, while providing life-enhancing renal care to its patients around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a time of great need, Diaverum’s ability to adapt and act quickly demonstrated that sustainability is inextricably linked to its business success. In January 2020, almost two months before the World Health Organisation declared the pandemic, the company issued its first policies to address the risk of contagion across its network of clinics. In February, Diaverum published its COVID-19 Contingency Plan, which was made publicly available to society, including patients and their families, national health services, industry peers and medical associations.

Diaverum’s swift response, paired with the company’s culture of True care, resulted in a consistent global strategy to tackle the pandemic. It has promoted the health and safety of patients and staff by minimising the impact of the disease, as well as delivered operational continuity. At the same time, it has strengthened the company’s partnership with national health services in different countries to fight the virus spread within society.

Dimitris Moulavasilis, CEO of Diaverum, said: “2020 was an extraordinary year for our patients, people and society as a whole, where our sustainability approach and response to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic became two sides of the same coin.”

“Against this backdrop, I am proud of our 12,000 employees who rose to the occasion despite the hugely challenging circumstances to continue offering life enhancing renal care to 39,000 patients worldwide, while ensuring business continuity and productivity. 2020 is the year where we displayed our culture of True care at its finest.”

Diaverum’s sustainability framework is structured around five pillars: patients; employees and well-being; access to care; operating sustainably; and environment. Through this approach, the company commits to measuring its performance and developing global targets, as well as conforming to global reporting standards. The sustainability framework gives Diaverum the opportunity to assess its impact as an ethical business and identify where it can do better, while also working to leverage commercial opportunities related to sustainability.

Fajar Hamid Atta, Manager Group Compliance & Sustainability, said: “Since our 2019 report, the company continued aligning its reporting to globally recognised sustainability standards. The  Sustainability Report 2020 is thus the first one in which Diaverum is taking into account several core sustainability indicators and topics identified in the SASB Healthcare Delivery Standard as well as the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals. We are committed to reviewing our material sustainability topics on a regular basis, and dedicated to aligning these with industry- wide best practices as well as our own company strategy, to continue to help patients live fulfilling lives all over the world.”

Diaverum’s  Sustainability Report 2020 is available here on our website.

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