After a phenomenal inaugural year, that was kicked off by Diaverum’s senior leadership and saw an astounding 3,500 participants from our global network come together in over 300 activities, the winners of the first-ever Diaverum Health were announced during the final GLT meeting of the year. Read on to know who they were!

Team Winners

The Diaverum Well-being Committee judged applications from all over the business and decided on the top 5 teams by the level of effort applied to their physical activities. They were:

  • The Călărași team, from Romania, for showcasing exceptional endurance and advanced physical & mental strength. Their climbing activity stood out as a remarkable effort, demonstrating resilience and a collective commitment to overcoming challenges. It serves as an inspiring example for teamwork adversity and pushing boundaries

Winning_Teams_Health Challenge_2023_Romania.jpg

  • The Braga team, from Portugal, for displaying exceptional effort, commitment, and creativity. They went beyond the ordinary, by engaging in unique outdoor activities that not only strengthened team dynamics but also contributed to personal well-being

GLT December 2023 - Winning_Teams_Health Challenge_2023_Portugal.jpg

  • The Thamesmead team, from the United Kingdom, for displaying great creativity and excellence by combining the importance of well-being with a lot of fun, fully engaging the participants! Not only did they turn the challenge into a passionate activity, the team also inspired others by effectively utilising social media, showing what makes Diaverum unique to a broader audience

GLT December 2023 - Winning_Teams_Health Challenge_2023_UK.jpg

  • The Jeddah teams, from Saudi Arabia, for undertaking a significant challenge, conquering the rocky Moon Valley mountain after travelling more than 100km! The adventure, lasting over 2 hours, involved not just the climb but also additional exercises like push-ups and planks on terrain resembling the lunar surface and in exceptional heatGLT December 2023 - Winning_Teams_Health Challenge_2023_KSA.jpg

Each of the winning teams will be treated to an all-expenses paid dinner or team activity in the New Year.

Country Winner

The country with the highest percentage of employees and contractors participating in the Challenge were also celebrated. The big winner in this category was Diaverum Albania, with an astonishing 93,8% of their staff taking part! Romania, North Macedonia and Saudi Arabia also received honourable mentions given their notable participation numbers. As the first-ever Country Winner, Albania will have its name engraved on a trophy especially commissioned for the event, and will host it until next year’s challenge, after which it will be passed onto the next winner.

GLT December 2023 - Winning_Teams_Health Challenge_2023_AL.jpg

Giving back to the CKD community

In addition to promoting physical activity and recognising those colleagues that participated in the challenge, one of the Challenge’s core objectives was to find an opportunity to give back to the CKD community. This has culminated in Diaverum’s announcement to become a supporter of the 2024 World Kidney Day, a non-profit joint initiative of the International Society of Nephrology  (ISN) and the International Federation of Kidney Foundations – World Kidney Alliance (IFKF-WKA).

World Kidney Day is a global campaign aimed at raising awareness of the importance of our kidneys, celebrated every year on the second Thursday of March, which in 2024 will fall on 14 March. Under the theme “Kidney Health for All – Advancing equitable access to care and optimal medication practice”, the 2024 campaign will focus on raising awareness of the importance of ensuring equitable access to appropriate treatment and care for people living with kidney disease, in order to improve their quality of life and delay the progression of the disease.

We will make this partnership official in a virtual ceremony to be held early next year, where Albania will be invited to represent Diaverum before the World Kidney Day representatives.

Andreas Fagher, CHRO and global employee well-being sponsor, commented: “The Well-being Challenge was not only a celebration of the importance of physical activity for our overall well-being, but also of the True care culture and team spirit that runs throughout Diaverum”.

Well-being ambassador network a key to success

Intrinsic to the Challenge’s success was the support provided Diaverum’s global network of Well-being Ambassadors. Launched only last year, a total of 25 colleagues from each of our markets and HQ,  played an active role in ensuring that the Challenge was communicated to all staff, and actively encouraged participation.

Håkan Petersson, Learning & Development Director, had these words of thanks to share: “I am truly grateful and proud for our Well-being network and the role it has played in this Challenge. Congratulations to everyone involved in this journey – I was so very delighted with the success of this event, and look forward to it becoming a key date in our organisation’s calendar”.



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