At Diaverum, our True care culture defines who we are and how we care for our patients – it’s at the core of everything we do. Everyone at Diaverum, including our partners, is committed to True care - regardless of our role or our location, whether we work in a clinic or in an office. We live out our culture to ensure we can deliver life-enhancing renal care to our patients.

Diaverum Italy and its partners recently marked an extraordinary example of True care, in one of its clinics.

One of its patients, Andrea Rossi, received a call late at night for his long-awaited transplantation surgery. It was therefore urgent that he travel to another city for the procedure, more than four hours away.

Transportation was required immediately, and this call was answered by Lorenzo Ricci, driver from the transportation company that supports the clinic.

Showing unparalleled dedication and generosity, Lorenzo set off immediately, without any notice. He drove all through the night, so that our patient could finally receive a new kidney and a new chance at life.

At Diaverum, our focus on empowering patients to live fulfilling lives means we consider access to transplantation a quality indicator of our patient-centric CKD 5 care.

We invite you to hear more from our Transplantation Ambassador, Dr Domingos Machado.

* the names of the people in this story have been changed to maintain confidentiality.

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