If True care is what we aspire to provide at Diaverum, then ‘For life’ is our purpose – both to preserve and help empower our patients to live fulfilling ones. And while the task of recognising just one individual for the work that defines us is an extraordinary challenge, Mohammed Saleh Alyami, Social Worker from Diaverum Saudi Arabia, stood out to his peers and colleagues from around the world, as the deserving winner of the 'For Life' accolade at the inaugural Diaverum Awards.

"When the Award was being announced, I was just outside my home city of Najran, in southwestern Saudi Arabia. It was a really special moment. Almost immediately, I started to get messages of warm wishes and congratulations from colleagues, my team members and best of all, the patients I help care for.

I don’t see this as being a win only for myself, but one I’ve received on behalf of all my clinic team – the work we do isn’t the result of individuals, but of a strong team that brings together many diverse experiences and backgrounds, and is united in the belief that our work empowers our patients to live fulfilling lives. For this reason, I would like to acknowledge my colleagues and functional leaders in the country office, as well as Prof. Mohammed Al Homrany, Ahmed Bagatadah and Ahmed Al Shammari, in particular.

In the years I’ve worked at Diaverum, our social care team’s focus has been on providing our patients with life-enhancing renal care, in combination with utilising available social services in the community – aiming to achieve the best patient experience in a supportive and positive care environment.

I am very much motivated by my belief that the holistic care model we operate in Saudi Arabia for dialysis patients, sets us apart from the competition.

As a social worker, it is my job to put myself in our patients’ position, trying to understand what undergoing dialysis entails; in other words, empathy is so important when creating a safe environment many CKD patients can feel isolated from loved ones that can only watch from the outside as they live with the disease.

I am proud that I was able to apply this philosophy when a young patient first came to us for dialysis treatment. Being able to help guide them through what was a big and very challenging adjustment to their life was for me, what our True care mission is all about."