At Diaverum, we have a strong track record of successfully implementing integrated dialysis care models, for example in Portugal, Saudi Arabia and Spain, as well as improving medical outcomes for patients. It is with this strategy that Diaverum Brazil has set itself the ambition of expanding its range of life-enhancing renal services in the country – and with remarkable success in three different areas.

  1. Strategic partnership to provide acute care to renal patients At the end of 2022, Diaverum Brazil signed six new contracts, with two in particular being resounding proof of the team's remarkable success since entering the country in 2018. The first of these is with Hospital Geral Clériston Andrade, the largest public hospital in Bahia, NE Brazil, renowned for providing medium- to-high-complexity procedures in the country's third-largest state. Meanwhile, in São Paulo, SE Brazil, a contract has been secured with Hospital Emílio Ribas, an institution with over a century of experience in the research and treatment of infectious diseases. 'Across both hospitals, Diaverum Brazil will be supporting the hospitals with superior renal care treatment and acute care to patients with kidney diseases, with the implementation of advanced technologies, efficient management and more efficient hospital logistics', explains Luciano Bonaldo, Country Manager. He adds: 'we are focused on providing the same quality care for chronic patients in our clinics to the acute ones at the hospitals we are partnering with, always aiming for improvement in treatment'.
  2. A new Vascular Access (VA) centre enhancing patient quality of life With morbidity related to vascular access representing a major cause of hospitalisation for chronic haemodialysis patients, as well as being associated with a higher cost of care, acquiring a state-of-the-art Vascular Access (VA) Centre in November 2021 in São Paulo, was a logical development for Diaverum Brazil's strategy to offer an integrated dialysis care programme in Brazil. As Dr Gelba Almeida, Medical Director for Diaverum Brazil, explains: 'delivering vascular access management in-house has many direct and indirect benefits, such as being responsible for the quality control of VA-related procedures to improve patient outcomes'. With the centre performing more than 6,000 procedures annually since its launch in 2010, including those related to Arteriovenous Fistula (AVF), prosthesis and catheter for both peritoneal and haemodialysis treatments, among others, the Centre has been instrumental in reducing patient absence and in turn, enabling them to live fulfilling lives.
  3. A promising programme for treating diabetic patients CKD is a silent disease during its earlier stages. Therefore, identifying at-risk populations, such as those with diabetes, and helping them delay disease progression is essential - this exactly what Brazil's Diabetes Care programme is setting out to achieve. Piloted in Santo André and Tatuapé in May 2021, multidisciplinary teams comprised of specialist doctors, nurses, nutritionists, psychologists and social care professionals, have helped over 100 diabetic patients manage their condition and its advancement. As Dr. Gelba says: 'our mission with the Diaverum Diabetes Care programme is to promote individualised assistance, preventive measures, state-of-the-art treatment and education to patients with diabetes. Acting with an integrated, multi-specialised team and using the most modern resources via a human-centric approach that promotes disease control, we hope to contribute to preventing the escalation of CKD as one of the leading causes of death, worldwide'.