‘Sparkle with enthusiasm’; ‘learn something new every day’; ‘make connections’. These are the behaviours by which we articulate what it means to have Passion in our work at Diaverum. And while it’s an intangible quality that can be difficult to explain or quantify, Xirivella Clinic in Spain had a helping hand, in the form of a letter written by one of its patients. Here, Angeles Montero, Xirivella Clinic Manager, and Juan Carlos Toledo, Area Manager Levante and Murcia, explain more.

“To be honest, the nomination alone was a wonderful surprise. We are a really ‘young’ clinic, having only launched less than two years ago. It is a real honour to be distinguished among such deserving finalists. I heard our name being announced and thought: “Really?? Did they say Xirivella?” I could not believe it. The next day we celebrated at the clinic with a nice breakfast, all the team together.

When we first heard about the Diaverum Awards, I knew I wanted to nominate all the clinics I manage, as every one of them is special and very close to my heart. Many of the colleagues there started at the same time as I, so I think of them as my 'children'. But when Xirivella Clinic received a beautiful letter of thanks from one of its patients, I knew its story needed to be shared further. The patient in question is a young writer that has been with us for around eighteen months. They’ve been so thankful for the care and welcome received when they joined, they felt compelled to share their thanks through a letter. The Xirivella team are extremely dedicated in their care, and work hard to maintain an atmosphere of joy for those living with a disease where, unfortunately, patients suffer from many pathologies and deprivations. They truly live by our value of Passion – it’s present in their work and the way they empower patients to live fulfilling lives, every single day”.

Angeles Montero, Xirivella Clinic Manager

“I am really proud of the Xirivella team and the work they do. It is a young team, that has been working together for less than two years. They come from different backgrounds and experiences, and yet have formed a strong bond. Their success lies in the True care they strive to provide for our patients, and to make them and their colleagues feel like a family. This Award is confirmation that they are following the correct path and have the drive to continue like this”.

Juan Carlos Toledo, Area Manager Levante and Murcia


An excerpt from the letter written by the dialysis patient at Xirivella Clinic

 'You do your work with such sweetness and love, how can you not love human beings who see beyond the patient... that's how each of you is, a sunrise in my eyes, precious human beings, full of kindness, affection and love. Each one of you with a different quality, but all with a huge heart, with the ability to see the human being that lives in me'.