Diaverum Saudi Arabia’s Head of Nutrition Care recently delivered a lecture at one of the world’s leading educational institutions.

Hanaa Noor spoke to students from the Faculty of Medical Sciences as part of the ‘Frailty and Ageing Module’ at University College London.

Hanaa, who graduated with Distinction from UCL’s Clinical and Public Health Nutrition Masters Programme in 2020, spoke about her work in managing the multifaceted reality of frailty, sarcopenia, malnutrition and protein energy wasting (PEW) in the dialysis population. Hanaa also went into some detail about how she is leading conversations within Diaverum Saudi Arabia on expanding clinical parameters, in combination with a systemised care for patient-reported outcomes.

Hanaa had this to say about the experience: “It was a very proud moment to return to my alma mater as a guest lecturer. I was very happy to have an engaged and curious audience with which to share insights on clinical nutrition management and the standardisation of providing nutrition care across our network in Saudi Arabia”.

“I believe it’s time for the renal care sector to work on expanding medical nutrition parameters to leverage a more widened impact of the profession and that will support patients to become their own health agents by embracing their lived experiences”.

A bright future and extended collaboration

Hanaa will continue to collaborate with the Division of Medicine, represented by Dr. Adrian Slee, Associate Professor. Their work will focus on examining health population management and individualised care planning for patients that may have a positive impact on physical and mental well-being, enabling them to live fulfilling lives.

Dr. Ali Alharbi, Country Medical Director for Diaverum Saudi Arabia, commented on Hanaa’s work: “It was a moment of immense pride to have one of our team invited to speak as a subject matter expert, at a globally recognised academic institution.  Hanaa is a dedicated, passionate individual who is well-deserving of this honour”.

He added: “The fact that one of our team leaders is gaining scientific attention by prominent institutions is demonstrative of the quality of the life-enhancing renal care that Diaverum Saudi Arabia provides across its network of 40 clinics”.



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