In a significant step towards sustainability, Diaverum Uruguay has installed a solar panel system at its clinic in Lagomar.

Opened at the beginning of this year, Lagomar is an all-new clinic, situated in Canelones Department, the metropolitan area of the capital city, Montevideo. In addition to offering an exemplary space through which to provide life-enhancing renal care in this Department, it is now also poised to lead through example for how Diaverum is paving the way for sustainable practices in healthcare.

Lagomar has implemented a 98.1 kWp on-site solar system, comprised of approximately 231 panels and covering 540 m² of the clinic's roof. It is estimated that the system will generate 122 MWh annually, meeting as much as 60% of the clinic’s electricity needs. In addition to making a tangible contribution to reducing carbon emissions, the system also promises to offer significant cost savings, as well as reduce dependency on the national grid, thereby lowering the risk of power outages and their impact on patients’ continuity of care.

Comprehensive Green Initiatives
The solar panel system is the latest in a series of green initiatives that Lagomar Clinic has sought to incorporate as standard into its operations. Thus far, these include:

  • Waste Management for Recycling: Efficient systems are in place to ensure that waste is sorted and recycled appropriately
  • Water Recycling: Innovative water recycling measures help conserve this vital resource, a high impact area for nephrology, and dialysis care in particular
  • Water Treatment Systems (WTS) with Heat Disinfection: These systems use fewer chemicals, making them safer for the environment
  • Efficient Layout Design: The clinic's design maximises the use of natural daylight, reducing the need for artificial lighting
Pablo Presso, Country Manager of Diaverum Uruguay, commented on the initiative: "I am incredibly proud of our work in Lagomar Clinic, which is leading the way in forging a path for a sustainable future in Uruguay”.

“Thanks to the efficiencies afforded to us due the fact that it’s a new construction, we’ve been able to introduce a number of green initiatives, that are fully in line with our company strategy and the national government's vision for a greener economy. I look forward to seeing the best practices we achieved here, rolled out across the country and beyond".

This iniative in Lagomar, forms part of the bigger picture for Diaverum’s sustainability strategy, that will see the organisation achieve Net Zero by 2050, firmly rooted on the understanding that our focus on patient care is also good for the planet. All of this and more is covered in our 2023 ESG Report, which was released last month.



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