We are developing digital solutions and applications around our patients’ needs, to improve treatment effectiveness, efficiency and medical outcomes worldwide, while also empowering them to contribute to their own care and well-being.

This includes human-centric, explainable, and responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to support our physicians to deliver personalised care to our patients.

Looking ahead, we are building our own AI development factory to train, validate, deploy and monitor a series of AI models that will address important unmet clinical needs.

"We have embarked on an ambitious journey to become the global renal care provider of choice, and a leader in integrated, AI-enabled, personalised dialysis care."

Business case

A breakthrough innovation in VA prevention

We are using AI solutions to improve outcomes that really matter to our patients, like their vascular access (VA) survival. 

Central to our clinical strategy, vascular access thrombosis is a major complication for haemodialysis patients and healthcare providers. It accounts for a significant increase of the total cost of care for these patients, contributing to the unsustainable trajectory of growing expenditure and disease burden impacting national healthcare systems around the world.

To tackle this critical problem, we have created an AI model. It represents a step change in our ability to predict and prevent VA thrombosis episodes among our haemodialysis patients.

Simulations using our historical patient data predicted a significant number of actual cases that were not detected by best-in-class clinical assessments and monitoring systems.

It is a big win for everyone - innovative digital tools and predictive analytics insights for our healthcare professionals, improved medical outcomes for our patients and lower cost of care for payors and national health systems.

Diaverum AI: human-centric, explainable and responsible

Watch our animation to gain key insight into our innovative VA thrombosis prediction AI model.


To learn more about our digital transformation and the VA thrombosis prediction AI model, watch our announcement webinar hosted by our CEO, Dimitris Moulavasilis, and CMO, Dr Fernando Macário, on 14 October 2021.

"Our ambition is to have an AI-empowered clinical workforce in all our clinics, improving outcomes that really matter to our patients – enhanced prediction and prevention of VA thrombosis, and more."

Diaverum’s digital transformation

How we are unlocking better care through digital

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