For us, good enough is not enough: We continuously strive to deliver better outcomes, and don’t simply settle for the status quo.

We build trust through delivery: We focus on delivering what we promise, consistently finding solutions, while being open and honest with challenges we find along the way.

We demonstrate our skill: We apply our knowledge and consistently work to improve and develop so that we are the best in what we do.



We sparkle with enthusiasm: We put our heart and soul into our work and don’t wait for others to take the initiative. We walk the extra mile and encourage others to do the same.

We learn something new everyday: We are curious, we want to understand and we actively seek out learning in our daily work and to unleash our full potential.

We make connections: We create links, we develop relationships, we form bonds; because we know the outcomes are better when we build bridges.



We dare to dream: We challenge the norms. Our passion for enabling fulfilling lives gives us courage for innovation and a push for change, in the belief that anything is possible.

We create better, together: We support each other and take individual responsibility to foster an inclusive climate. We value teamwork and reach out for help and new ideas, while actively sharing with others.

We lead by example: Integrity is at our core and we walk the talk on what we expect of ourselves and others. We are accountable for our decisions and actions, and set the tone to inspire others.


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Life-enhancing renal care

For body, mind and soul. With passion and inspiration. Empowering patients, their friends and family. Because everyone deserves a fulfilling life.

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