Deeply driven by our culture of True care, Dr Domingos Machado, Nephrologist and Diaverum's Transplantation Ambassador, made a life-changing decision a few years ago – he put himself forward as a kidney donor to an anonymous renal patient, at age 70. 

“Caring for CKD patients and witnessing the profound difference receiving a kidney can make in empowering them to live fulfilling lives has over the years become my life’s cause and driven my dedication towards being an advocate for transplantation”, says Dr Domingos, who lives in Portugal.

“Deciding to become a non-directed kidney donor was in some ways, a continuation of this path; while it wasn’t originally my intention to do so, I agreed to the public disclosure of my donation, in order to raise awareness about transplantation.

In the years since, it seems to have contributed to a significant increase in the number of donation candidates in Portugal – more than the satisfaction of helping one individual, nothing could have given me greater joy.” 

Watch the video below to hear Dr Domingos’ truly inspiring story.

Unlike other treatments that manage symptoms or slow disease progress, transplantation offers the possibility of restoring kidney function to near-normal levels, offering eligible patients the opportunity to reclaim their lives from the constraints that come with living with CKD. 

Watch the video below to learn more about transplantation.
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In 2024, we are proud to be an official partner of World Kidney Day (WKD) and this year's campaign, running under the theme “Kidney Health for All – Advancing equitable access to care and optimal medication practice”.

Our True care culture at Diaverum manifests itself in the way we approach patient care - whether advocating for equitable access to cutting-edge therapies, innovative digital solutions, health literacy, or offering a multidisciplinary, integrated care approach to our patients, wherever they are based in the world. This also includes an unwavering commitment to increasing access to kidney transplantation, a critical treatment modality for end-stage renal disease patients that can significantly improve their quality of life, well-being and longevity”, says Dr Fernando Macário, Chief Medical Officer at Diaverum. 

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