In today's rapidly evolving healthcare industry, Patient Experience has become a key competitive differentiator between providers. To ensure that Diaverum retains its position as the renal care provider of choice, we have put in place an exciting new digital portal that is set to engage our patients in a two-way conversation about the care they receive in our clinics.

Across the world, a typical Diaverum patient will visit their clinic three times a week, for at least four hours per session. How they experience this care environment and how it makes them feel can only be known if we gather their feedback and understand what it means.

Before My Diaverum Experience, there were already a number of tools in place to gather this information; the annual Patient Perception of Care (PPC) survey, which provides a comprehensive overview of how patients experience their care; the 'How was your Clinic visit' feature on the d.CARE patient app, which invites users to give a rating of their visit that day. Patients are also able to leave feedback directly with staff, via email or phone, or in some clinics, anonymous comment boxes. What My Diaverum Experience does differently, is to open the conversation up, covering any number of diverse topics a patient or caregiver may wish to talk about. This may include, but not be limited, to:

  • patient involvement
  • diversity and inclusion
  • clinic management
  • hospitality and service in clinic, via phone or digital tools
  • clinic environment, clinic look and feel, including cleanliness
  • patient experience initiatives
  • management of patient feedback
  • access to information, education and trainings
  • experience of our True care culture
  • our ability to make them feel safe, welcome and comfortable
  • our ability to connect theto the right people when in need of support (dietician, psychiatrist, social worker, patient association, or similar)

Users can easily access the portal via their browsers, without having to download any further software. It is also available in more than 20 languages, making it a truly global offering for our patients, wherever they are in the world.

Real-time, confidential conversations with our patients
What's also important to note is that My Diaverum Experience is not intended as a 'replacement' or 'improvement' of existing feedback measures, each of which continues to play an important role. Instead, it should be viewed as an additional conduit for facilitating dayto-day conversations with patients and their caregivers, on a platform that protects their privacy and ensures any information shared is kept secure, as opposed to the more public forums they may currently use to raise issues. The only information that Diaverum has access to throughout this process is the feedback provided and any further information patients & caregivers may choose to share. Additionally, harnessing the 'real time chatter' from patients and their caregivers will allow our clinics to receive feedback and respond to it within a much shorter timeframe.

My Diaverum Experience is set to provide our patients access to an important part of our Global Patient Experience Framework; a tool that facilitates conversations around their healthcare and the ability to help steer their experiences has in turn, the potential to create engaged and motivated patients that can thrive in our clinics.

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