We are delighted and excited to be inviting you to the annual d.HOLIDAY Conference, which will take place in Rome, Italy on Tuesday, 3 May 2022.

Our conference is set to be one of our most exciting ones yet, featuring speeches from patient association representatives, medical experts, senior Diaverum executives and more. You will also get to exchange ideas and views in a creative workshop.



Meet our speakers

Dimitris Moulavasilis

president & ceo,

Since he joined in October 2018, Dimitris has been at the helm of Diaverum’s ambitious vision of transforming the industry, by offering life-enhancing renal care and empowering patients to live fulfilling lives. He has been instrumental in guiding Diaverum on its digital journey to become a pioneer in integrated, AI-enabled, personalised dialysis care.
An established leader with over 30 years’ experience in the international healthcare services and medical technology sectors, Dimitris studied Biomedical Engineering at the Athens University of Applied Sciences. He also holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Leicester.

Michaela Blomstrand

Director of Global Patient Experience AND Community Affairs,

Michaela heads up the global d.HOLIDAY programme at Diaverum. She is a certified dialysis nurse and holds a degree in Nursing. She has over ten years' experience of working with holiday dialysis.

Maria Chiara Durio, MBA

Managing Director,
Diaverum Italy

Maria Chiara is an experienced business leader, with a career centred in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, spanning from strategic marketing to business development and general management. She has led Diaverum Italy since May 2020.

Massimo Fontò

Country Nursing & Quality Manager and d.HOLIDAY Coordinator,
Diaverum Italy 

Massimo holds a bachelor’s degree in Nursing and is specialised in Forensic Nursing & Health Management. He has 10 years of dialysis experience and previously held the role of Integration Nurse in Diaverum Saudi Arabia.

Professor Loreto Gesualdo

Professor of Nephrology,
University of Bari, Italy

Prof. Gesualdo is a nephrologist and immunopathologist, with experience in the treatment of glomerular, tubular and renal vascular diseases. He studied at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland and the University of Pittsburgh (USA). He is an expert in renal immunopathology and has worked in the fields of nephrology, dialysis and solid organ transplantation.

Currently, Prof. Gesualdo is the Director of the Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation Department of the DETO. He also coordinates a team of researchers at the Centre Rene and is responsible for one of the European nodes of the ErkNet network, as well as acting as the Coordinator of the Regional Transplantation Centre (Puglia region).

Professor Pesce

Type B University Researcher,
University of Bari, Italy

Professor Pesce obtained his PhD from Imperial College London, working in the sections of "Genetics and Genomics" at Royal Brompton Hospital and "MRC CSC Integrative Genomics and Medicine" at Hammersmith Hospital.

Dr Pesce deals with patients suffering from chronic kidney disease and glomerulonephritis and is also involved in the selection of patients for renal transplantation. He is an expert in Systems Medicine and e-Health, with a particular focus on the integration of multimodal data (e.g.: omics, histopathology, imaging and digital devices) that sees him collaborate with the Politecnico di Bari, where he is vice-coordinator of the degree course, "Medical Systems Engineering".

Antonio Tombas

Vice President, Spanish Dialysis Foundation
(Fundación Española Diálisis)

Antonio is the VP of the Spanish Dialysis Foundation, a position he has held since 2019. He was diagnosed with CKD in 1979, at just 17 years old. Since then, he has spent over five years undergoing haemodialysis treatment and has also had three kidney transplants. In 1984, he was the first CKD patient in Spain to take Ciclosporina (Sandimum).

Antonio’s experiences have led him to become a passionate advocate for CKD patients and have seen him become heavily involved in various Patient Associations. Outside of this, he is an entrepreneur with interests in technology and real estate, which have seen him travel all around the world. He is married with one son.

Dr Fernando Macário

Chief Medical Officer,

Dr Macário holds an M.D in nephrology and has broad experience in renal medicine and transplantation, including basic and clinical research. He was instrumental in shaping Diaverum’s policies to ensure the protection of patients and staff against COVID-19. This included being a vocal advocate for vaccination, leading to a 94% rate of clinical staff and 86% of patients being fully vaccinated (as of 11 April 2022), which is on the frontline of clinical standards.

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As good medical care must be guaranteed, we have created the d.HOLIDAY programme. This enables dialysis patients to get easy access to Diaverum dialysis care in cities or countries other than where they live. With more than 460 Diaverum clinics around the world, you have plenty of locations to choose from and can travel with the reassurance of knowing there is high quality and personalised dialysis care at your destination.

Discover our d.HOLIDAY programme

Diaverum in numbers


Clinics around the world


Globally present in 23 countries across four continents


Staff worldwide (approx.)


Patients (approx.)


Million treatments annually (approx.)

Contact details

Michaela Blomstrand

Mobile: +46 766 43 30 26

Download the full agenda


Patient story: Daniel Gallego
Diaverum launches 2021/2022 dialysis travel guide
Nutritional advice for your journey

Agenda (all times in CET)

Life-enhancing renal care with Diaverum

Dimitris Moulavasilis
President & CEO

d.HOLIDAY - a love story

Michaela Blomstrand
Director Global Patient Experience & Community Affairs

d.HOLIDAY in Italy

Chiara Durio
Managing Director
Diaverum Italy

Massimo Fonto
d.HOLIDAY coordinator
Diaverum Italy


Holiday dialysis: Getting closer to patients

Prof. Loreto Gesualdo
University of Bari

Prof. Fransesco Pesce
University of Bari


Coffee break


Dialysis and travel: benefits and drawbacks

Antonio Tombas
Patient & President


Panel discussion:
The long-term effects of COVID on travelling haemodialysis patients – and how we can help

Kirsty Bashforth
Chief Business Officer


Lunch break (1 hour)


Travel while on a transplant list

Dr Fernando Macário
Chief Medical Officer


Creative workshop

  • All you need to know when travelling as a haemodialysis patient

  • What a clinic care team needs to know to better support travelling haemodialysis patients

If you were unable to join us in person, we would be delighted to host you as a virtual guest.


Break: Bus to clinic


Clinic visit:
Diaverum Rene di Roma


Our experienced clinic team welcomes you to DIAVERUM ROME. In our clinic, we offer excellent medical service as well as a warm and friendly atmosphere to revitalize our patients both physically and emotionally.

DIAVERUM ROME was inaugurated in 2002 and features 24 dialysis reclining chairs. All stations are equipped with TV screens and free Wi-Fi. As an integral part of our service, we offer free meals, coffee, and tea for our patients.


City walk through Rome




For in-person attendees

The conference will be hosted at the Hotel Ponte Sisto. If you have received confirmation of your spot at the event, please note that this includes two nights’ accommodation, from Monday, 2 May to Wednesday, 4 May. If you have any dietary requirements that the hotel needs to be aware of, please get in touch.

For in-person attendees

Our guests’ continuity of care is of paramount importance. If you require dialysis treatment to be arranged on your behalf, please contact us.

For in-person attendees

Your health and safety are our first priority, which is why we will be continuously monitoring COVID-19 travel regulations and event protocols. Should updates impact the Conference in any way, we will update you as soon as possible. In the meantime, we encourage you to remain aware of travel regulations from your country of origin, that may affect your ability to travel. 

If you were unable to join us in person, we would be delighted to host you as a virtual guest. Please, email us for more information and to register.